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I carved your name across my eyelids

you prayed for rain, i prayed for blindness

8/30/05 11:36 am

Well, this is it. If you need me, I'll be here:

Ah, Vienne.

I don't know who reads this anymore because I sure don't. But just in case, because I will not be doing LJ in France any more than I have been this summer (which is not at all), I'll miss you guys probably. See you in June.


8/5/05 06:00 pm

5/30/05 10:53 am - Concert Binge Update #3 - The Decemberists - May 25


Colin Meloy is the most beautiful man alive. We were RIGHT up front, which is how Hal and I got our amazing pictures. This band is freaking adorable. AND did I mention we met Colin?! And that, um he signed me and Dana's yearbooks (!!!), called Brittany using MY cell phone to wish her a happy birthday (!!!!!) and then gave us all incredible hugs (!!!!!!!!)???? Yeah, well he did, and it was total fate that we walked by him as he was walking out the back door. He is such a sweetheart; such a nice guy! And I loooove how his singing voice is not just a pushed act - he actually talks in that beautiful, melodic way. Oh my god. I'm in love with him.

The whole band was awesome/adorable!!! This is during "The Sporting Life" - during the little bass solo they tossed around the tam like a frisbee- it was amazing haha. But they did little things like that throughout the show, such as:
..holding their instruments at attention during "The Soldiering Life."

However, the best part of the show (and my life) was "Chimbley Sweep." In the middle they jammed out on it, (and did a little Havah Nagilah, too! it was so sweet!) and switched all their instruments. After switching back, Colin sat on the edge of the stage, and made a motion with his hand for us to get down. I swear me Dana Annie and Hal were the first to obey, and soon the ENTIRE audience was crouching on the floor. Then they went back into the song.. this won't make sense if you don't know the song, but during the part where the woman sings and it's a little slower, everyone stayed down, but then during the line "I'll shake you from your sleep," and the music build up again, everyone jumped up at the exact same time!!!! It was amzing, because he didn't even tell us to, we all just knew. Holy shit. And then they played Mariner's Revenge for the encore, which I totally didn't expect them to do because it's so long, but play it they did and it rocked. Chris Funk (the other guitarist/mulit-instrumentalist) - the big guy in the above picture - jumped into the crowd right next to us, which was a bunch of scrawny kids who dropped him, haha. I got to help him up though. (Colin was tlaking to us about this afterward, saying it was planned.)

Yeah so basically, it was fucking incredible, I have the live recording from this show and have been listening to it constantly, but only the first half (ARI!!!!) And of course, you can view the rest of my pictures from this and all the other concerts (except Bright Eyes, those are on Hal's photo page) here: http://community.webshots.com/users/policediscolights

5/30/05 10:44 am - Concert Binge Update #2 - Rilo Kiley - May 23

This was a truly great show. For short people, Jenny and Blake have so much energy and prescence. (I was front row.) They are also adorable. And SO nice!! I met them afterward, and talked with them for awhile. Jenny is a sweetheart, and Blake is a goofball. It was lovely. They played everything I wanted to hear - they played  a lot of new stuff, but mixed it up with stuff of their old albums which I like more.
gosh, they are so cool. Oh and ps if you didn't know, Blake ^ starred on the beloved TV show "Salute Your Shorts" when he was a kid. He got so much crap for that, haha.

5/30/05 10:24 am - Concert binge update #1 - Bright Eyes - May 20

Conor was so much skeevier than I expected. It was a really good show, though Digital Ash is not my favorite album and (no offense) I hate emo kids. Oh my god I hate them. Everyone at that show, or at least around me, was so annoying.


"Neely O'Hara" and

"Lover I Don't Have To Love." I suppose it was worth it for those songs.
It was odd to finally see Conor, and I really hope to catch an acoustic show someday. I feel sorry for him, all the fame and attention seems to have messed him up even more.

5/4/05 07:19 pm - The latest in Hallie's Rack slogans

Hallie's Rack t-shirt slogan update. Between me, Ari, Ben, and my crew carpool we came up with quite a few at crew this afternoon.

- Hallie's Rack: They're magically delicious!
- The Top Ten Reasons I Procrastinate:
1. Hallie's Rack
- (In the format of "Coca-Cola") "Hallie's Rack." Real. Enjoy.
- Hallie's Rack is my homeboy.
- "Hallie's Rack" written in 70 differnt world languages, including Armenian.
- How many licks does it take to get to the center of Hallie's Rack?
- Hallie's Rack: get more.
- Support Hallie's Rack (see Ari's journal for a sweet image)
- I'm with Hallie's Rack --->
- Hallie's Rack - Eat Fresh!
- Hallie's Rack: My Anti-Drug.

Comment because I think I forgot some. Or if you came up with some more. This will never get old.

4/28/05 09:50 pm - dancing eggshells?!?!!!

So I was just looking at the newspaper, and in it there was this picture that a little fifth grade girl drew. It was titled "Ballet of the Chickens in their Shells" and it was a colored pencil drawing of a bumch of eggshells with arms and lags dancing around a stage. Is that not GENIOUS?!!?

oh yeah PS, for a big Arcade Fire update, go read the one i did in my arcade fire community.

Check out pictures here: http://community.webshots.com/user/policediscolights

4/25/05 09:03 pm - this is all i have to say for right now.

They are LOVE and sex. All of them. And they are such nice people.

Bigger update later with way more pictures, I promise.

Basically, April 24, 2005 was the most amazing day of my life.

4/19/05 09:34 am - so much for spring break...

yesterday it was summer.

4/12/05 09:45 pm

ummm sorry, but my layout totally owns Simon's. and everyone else's too.
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